Adult Soccer Leagues


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Adult Indoor Soccer at Salmon Creek Indoor offers recreational leagues for adults ages 15+ If you don’t have a team, we will help find a team that’s in need of players. Adult teams are assigned to leagues based on skill level and desired level of competition.

Leagues usually run in 8-week sessions with 8 games per session (one game a week).


  • 8 week session: $675

     $50 discount: balance paid in full by 2nd scheduled game

  • 7-week session: $590

    $42 discount: balance paid in full by 2nd scheduled game

  • 6-week session: $506

    $34 discount: balance paid in full by 2nd scheduled game

  • Referee payments: $10 per game, per team


We’ll help you find one! Fill out the form to be matched up with a team looking for players.

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We honor both students and military personnel. Present your student or military card to our staff to receive $10 off your adult league session!



Games every day

Find a league that fits your schedule; we have leagues playing every day of the week.


An annual $20 membership gives you access to all the leagues and open play.

Levels of play

Leagues go from beginner to advanced, as well as men's, women's and over-30.

Stay active

Soccer is a guaranteed great workout: up to 44 minutes of fun cardio!

  • Rules of play
  • League Divisions
  • Levels of play definitions
  • Fee details

For general rules of play see the NIWRA Rules.

For arena specific rules of play see Rules of Play.


For information regarding our referees, please click NISRA player newsletter 2016


  • Open – Wednesday
  • Men’s Over-30 – Tuesday
  • Men’s Over-40 – Thursday


  • Open – Monday
  • C Over-30 – Monday


  • C – Wednesday
  • C – Friday
  • Over-30 – Sunday
  • D – Tuesday
  • D – Friday
  • D – Saturday

Men, women, and co-ed teams are assigned to leagues based on their skill level and desired level of competition. Adult skill levels are designated as follows:

  • A-level teams are the highest level and are very competitive. These teams often have individuals with college or professional soccer playing experience.
  • B-level teams are moderately competitive. B-level players have typically played in high school and continued playing recreationally.
  • C-level teams are recreational. C-level players are beginners or those with some soccer playing experience.
  • D-level teams are recreational. D-level players are beginners or those with little or no soccer playing experience.

A non-refundable deposit of $100 is due one week prior to the session start date, which is applied to the total team fee. Deposits will be refunded ONLY if league does not form.

Referee fees are paid at the time of each game, by each team, directly to the referee. The referee is not an arena employee but an independent contractor. The game will not begin until the ref has been paid in full by both teams.


Standard 8-Week Adult Session Layout

Week 1: Team must have deposit in order to be scheduled and at least $200 paid before the first game.

Week 2: A minimum of $400 must be paid prior to the start of the second game. The full amount must be paid before midnight on the day of the second game in order to receive incentive credit towards team fee.

Week 3: Team must have at least $600 paid in order to play their third game.

Week 4: Teams will be removed from the schedule if they have any remaining balance after the close of week 3’s games. No reschedules will be given for forfeits due to balance.

Week 5: Teams will be asked if they are returning for next session. Any players on roster that are not returning will need to be reported to staff. Current session team fee must be paid off before we will accept a deposit and reserve their spot for next session. $100 deposit must be made in order to reserve spot for next session.

Week 6: Teams will be asked if they are returning for next session and team registration agreement must be signed by a current member of the roster. Current session team fee must be paid off before deposit is accepted and a spot is reserved for next session. Notify staff of any scheduling conflicts for next session.

Week 7: Next session schedules will be constructed. Teams without deposits will not receive their schedules.

Week 8: Any final edits towards next session will be made and posted online. Teams without deposits will not be scheduled.

Incentive Credits: The full fee for the session, less the amount of the incentive credit needs to be paid no later than midnight of the second week’s games. Note that if your normal second week game day falls on an arena game day, you will have until midnight of the next day that the arena is open to have fees in and qualify for the credit.