Holiday Cup

Counting down to Holiday Cup 2018


Annual Holiday Cup

Gather your friends and bring your skills!




U-10 through high school

Wednesday 12/26 Thursday 12/27 Friday 12/28 Saturday 12/29 Sunday 12/30 Monday 12/31
Morning Boys U13 Boys U10 Boys U14 Boys U11 Boys U12
Girls U10 Girls U13 Girls U11 Girls U14 Girls U12
Afternoon Girls High School Boys High School Girls U15 Boys U15 Coed B  Coed Crazy Cup
Evening Men’s A Women’s A Coed A Men/Women B
*Any “B” team is not allowed to carry more than 3 players from any “A” division tournaments


Fee per team: $250

    • Registration deadline is December 13th
  • Space is limited, so register early to reserve your team’s spot
  • Registrations require a $100 deposit, with the balance paid in full before the team’s first game. Deposit is applied toward the team fee
  • Last minute registrations may be taken over the phone (360-571-7628) or in person if there is room


Winners of all divisions receive t-shirts. A maximum of 13 t-shirts per team.

Additional prizes might be available.


Point System

  • Win = 3 points
  • Tie = 1 points
  • Loss = 0 points
  • Bonus points: 1 point for shut out
  • Tie breaker system will be in effect

Team requirements

  • Guaranteed minimum of three 20-minute games games
  • Membership not required
  • Referee’s provided by NWISR
  • Shin guards and tall socks are required for play
  • Cleats are not allowed! Indoor turf shoes or athletic shoes only
  • Each team must be matching in color and must have a “light” and “dark” option
  • Standard league rules will be strictly enforced
  • All players and coaches are required to sign a waiver (youth must have parent create an account – if no existing one – and sign online waiver form)

Adult Tournaments:

  • Teams may not exceed 13 players per team
  • Minimum age of 15 years old… NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Players under 18 must have parent digitally sign their waiver
  • Coed A and B: 7v7 (3 women + 3 men + keeper). All free kicks must be done by a female.
  • Coed B: Limit 2 goals per male. Macho rule enforced.
  • Men’s/Women’s: 6v6 (5 field players + keeper)
  • All B Division tournaments: Teams are not allowed to carry more than 3 players that were on any “A” division teams for the duration of the tournament.

Boys/Girls U10-U14 + High School:

  • Teams may not exceed 13 players per team
  • Divisions are based upon birth year and gender. Children may play up a division but are not allowed to play down
  • Players must be rostered prior to the first game. All players must have parent digitally sign the liability waiver via DASH.
  • No subs may be added to the team.
  • Each team is allowed up to two coaches in the player box (must be on the roster and have a liability waiver)
  • U10-U12
    • 7v7 (6 field players + keeper). Size 4 ball
  • U13 and up
    • 6v6 (5 field players + keeper). Size 5 ball

Coed Crazy Cup


NEW TO THE HOLIDAY CUP! The Coed Crazy Cup is a tournament designed for crazy fun on the field. Your team’s fate is based upon a giant dice roll!


Every participant will receive a “Crazy Cup” t-shirt (limit 10 players per team).


Game Rules:

Dice is rolled by the goal-scorer immediately after the goal

Play will resume from a standard restart as soon as the new rule is put in affect

Tournament Rules

Minimum age of 15 years old… NO EXCEPTIONS

Players under 18 must have parent-signed waiver

7v7 (3 women + 3 men + keeper)

Macho rule enforced

Free kicks may be done by male or female



Here’s what could happen!

Roll a one: You lose your keeper for two minutes (keeper must remain in the player box for the duration of the time)

Roll a two: Your goal is worth two points

Roll a three: Your opponent gets your point

Roll a four: Your team gets an extra player on the field until another goal is scored

Roll a five: Your team must play a man down for two minutes

Roll a six: The game will restart from a corner kick by the goal scorer