Holiday Cup

Countdown to this year's tournament:


Annual Holiday Cup

Gather your friends and bring your skills!




U-10 through high school

Mens Divisions

Mens A / Thursday / December 29
Mens B / Monday / December 26

Womens Divisions

Womens A / Tuesday / December 27

Coed Divisions

Coed A / Wednesday/ December 28
Coed B / Friday / December 30
Crazy Cup / Saturday / December 31

Boys Divisions

Boys U-10 / Monday / December 26
Boys U-11 / Tuesday / December 27
Boys U-12 / Wednesday / December 28
Boys U-13 / Thursday / December 29
Boys U-14 / Friday / December 30
Boys U-15 / Thursday / December 29
Boys High School / Tuesday / December 27

Girls Divisions

Girls U-10 / Monday / December 26
Girls U-11 / Tuesday / December 27
Girls U-12 / Wednesday / December 28
Girls U-13 / Thursday / December 29
Girls U-14 / Friday / December 30
Girls U-15 / Wednesday / December 28
Girls High School / Monday / December 26


Fee per team: $250

    • Registration deadline is December 17th
  • Space is limited, so register early to reserve your team’s spot
  • Registrations require a $100 deposit, with the balance paid in full before the team’s first game. Deposit is applied toward the team fee
  • Last minute registrations may be taken over the phone (360-571-7628) or in person if there is room


Winners of all divisions receive t-shirts. A maximum of 13 t-shirts per team.

Additional prizes might be available.


Point System

  • Win = 3 points
  • Tie = 1 points
  • Loss = 0 points
  • Bonus points: 1 point for shut out
  • Tie breaker system will be in effect

Team requirements

  • Guaranteed minimum of three 20-minute games games
  • Membership not required
  • Referee’s provided by NWISR
  • Shin guards and tall socks are required for play
  • Cleats are not allowed! Indoor tuft shoes or athletic shoes only
  • Each team must be matching in color and must have a “light” and “dark” option
  • Standard league rules will be strictly enforced
  • All players and coaches are required to sign a waiver (youth must submit parent-signed form)

Adult Tournaments:

  • Teams may not exceed 13 players per team
  • Minimum age of 15 years old… NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Players under 18 must have parent-signed waiver
  • Coed A and B: 7v7 (3 women + 3 men + keeper). All free kicks must be done by a female.
  • Coed B: Limit 2 goals per male. Macho rule enforced.
  • Men’s/Women’s: 6v6 (5 field players + keeper)
  • All B Division tournaments: Teams are not allowed to carry more than 3 players that were on any “A” division teams for the duration of the tournament.

Boys/Girls U10-U14 + High School:

  • Teams may not exceed 13 players per team
  • Divisions are based upon birth year and gender. Children may play up a division but are not allowed to play down
  • Players will be asked to show proof of age on the day of the tournament (birth certificate, outdoor player card, or high school ID). All players must have parent-signed liability waiver.
  • Each team is allowed up to two coaches in the player box (must be on the roster and have a liability waiver)
  • U10-U12
    • 7v7 (6 field players + keeper). Size 4 ball
  • U13 and up
    • 6v6 (5 field players + keeper). Size 5 ball

Coed Crazy Cup


NEW TO THE HOLIDAY CUP! The Coed Crazy Cup is a tournament designed for crazy fun on the field. Your team’s fate is based upon a giant dice roll!


Every participant will receive a “Crazy Cup” t-shirt (limit 10 players per team).


Game Rules:

Dice is rolled by the goal-scorer immediately after the goal

Play will resume from a standard restart as soon as the new rule is put in affect

Tournament Rules

Minimum age of 15 years old… NO EXCEPTIONS

Players under 18 must have parent-signed waiver

7v7 (3 women + 3 men + keeper)

Macho rule enforced

Free kicks may be done by male or female



Here’s what could happen!

Roll a one: You lose your keeper for two minutes (keeper must remain in the player box for the duration of the time)

Roll a two: Your goal is worth two points

Roll a three: Your opponent gets your point

Roll a four: Your team gets an extra player on the field until another goal is scored

Roll a five: Your team must play a man down for two minutes

Roll a six: The game will restart from a corner kick by the goal scorer