Rules of Play

Learn more about the arena’s special rules of play by reading below.

  • Ball size

    Size #5: U-13 through adult
    Size #4: U-9 to U-12
    Size #3: U-8 and under

    Home team provides the ball.

  • Number of players
    U7 & U-8 4 players with no goalkeeper
    U-9 to U-12 7 players, one of whom is a goalkeeper
    U-13 to high school 6 players, one of whom is a goalkeeper
    Men’s/Women’s Adult 6 players, one of whom is a goalkeeper
    Coed Adult 7 players, 3 men, 3 women, & man/woman goalkeeper
    • Minimum Number of Players: The minimum number of players for the start of the game is 4 players, one of which is a goalkeeper.
    • Coed Leagues, Minimum Number of Women: In Coed Leagues, at least 1 player must be a woman to start a game.
    • Guest Player Policy: A team is allowed to use guest players who are not on the roster as long as the player has a current Salmon Creek Indoor membership (or pays the 1 day membership temp fee) AND you MUST ask the opposing team’s permission prior to the start of the game. Failure to follow this policy unarguably results in forfeiture for the team using non-rostered players.
    • Play on Only One Team Per Division: Players can only play on 1 team per division. Violations will result in a loss for the teams that the player plays for. Divisions are separated by levels of play and weekday.
    • Membership: All players must have a current Salmon Creek Indoor membership and be on their team’s roster before the start of each game.
    • Adult Age Specific Leagues: Adults must be the age of their league during the session (i.e. over 30 etc.).
    • Liability Waivers: All players must have a signed waiver on file at Salmon Creek Indoor. Youth Players must have a parent or legal guardian sign on their behalf.
    • Youth Age Deadlines: The age group that a player is assigned depends upon the player’s age on August 1st of the seasonal year (i.e., a U-15 player has not reached their 15th birthday before August 1st).
    • Ability Level Restrictions: Coed-A level players cannot play at the coed-D level;  Coed-A players can only play at Coed-C level with permission from arena management. Coed-A level players are defined as players that have professional, college, premier or who participate in Coed-A level leagues.
    • Coed Substitution Restrictions: Male players may not substitute for female players, however females may play in place of males.

    Special Rules Affecting Number of Players:

    • Adult League 5 Goal Differential: If any team is down by 5 goals or more they may add an additional player. This includes combination leagues.
    • Youth Mixed Age Leagues: Youth teams playing in a mixed age league at Salmon Creek Indoor’s request should not exceed 7 players on the field per team at any time. The older team in a mixed age league should remove one player.
    • Select or Premier Teams: Select Teams or any team playing in WSYDL or higher must play in select leagues and are not permitted in recreational leagues regardless of age level. A select team is any team having 2 or more players who currently compete on behalf of outdoor select teams.
    • Club Select Teams: Club select teams not playing in WSYDL or higher must play up 1 year but play with the same amount of players.
  • Player equipment
    • Flat-soled or small rubber studded turf shoes. No outdoor cleats will be allowed. Examples:
    Allowed Cleats Allowed Cleats Allowed
    Not Allowed Cleats Not Allowed Cleats Not Allowed
    • The goalkeeper must wear colors that distinguish them from all other players.
    • All team members must wear the same color jerseys to distinguish them from the other the opposing team and the referee.  Players are asked to bring an alternate shirt (dark and light).  In the event both teams are the same color, the home team must change.
    • Shin guards are REQUIRED for all players. Socks must be worn over shin guards and be pulled up to completely cover the shin guards. Goalkeepers or any other players wearing any kind of protective gear (i.e. knee pads) must wear the soft cushioned type.
    • All players with cast must have it wrapped in a manner acceptable to the referee.  All other equipment the referee deems dangerous to players or opponents will not be allowed.  By allowing them to play, Salmon Creek indoor in no way accepts responsibility for any aggravation of the injury that may occur while playing.
    • A player may not wear jewelry (watches, bracelets, etc.) which is dangerous to themselves or other players.
  • The referee

    Enforces Salmon Creek Indoor Rules

    • Controls the match
    • Ensures that the players’ equipment meets the requirements of required equipment
    • Acts as timekeeper and keeps a record of the match
    • Stops, suspends or terminates the match, at his discretion, for any infringements of the rules of play
    • Stops, suspends or terminates the match because of outside interference of any kind
    • Stops the match if, in his opinion, a player is seriously injured and ensures that he is removed from the field of play. An injured player may only return to the field of play after the match has restarted
    • Allows play to continue until the ball is out of play if a player is, in his opinion, only slightly injured
  • Tie games
    • No Tie Breakers During Regular Season: Games resulting in a tie during regular season play end in a tie.
    • Tournament Rules: Tournaments may declare special tie breaking rules that supersede these tie breaking rules.
  • Special rules
    • Mercy Rule:  If a team is up by 5 goals or more, the opposing team may add an additional player. Once the team scores and the lead falls below 5 goals, the team must remove the “extra” player on the field.
    • Restart: The restart on a disallowed goal is a throw in by the goalkeeper.

    Coed Macho Rule: The intent of this rule is to protect female players from uncontrolled and unreasonably aggressive play by male players.  If the referee feels that a male player, in the reasonable belief of a female player, intimidates or threatens a female player, on his team or the opposing team, through aggressive or forceful play, a foul may be called and a direct free kick awarded.  This includes:

    • High/Hard Kicks: Any kick (or goalkeeper throw) taken with excessive force in the direction of a female player, and within an arc described by her arm span, and which rises above waist level in relation to that player.  The ball need not make contact with the player in question for a foul to be called.
    • Physical or Verbal Intimidation:  Any attempt to take advantage of gender differences through physical or verbal intimidation.
    • Restarts:  When a female is in goal in Coed C or Coed D leagues, all restarts taken from the red line and forward must be taken by a female player.
    • Adult Combination League: If a league is a combination of two ability level leagues, the macho rule of the lower league will apply.  

    Application of Macho Rule

    Coed A Coed B Coed C Coed D
    Field Player No Yes Yes Yes
    Goalkeeper No No Yes Yes
  • Other rules
    • Players’ Box: No one except coaches and players currently playing are allowed in the team boxes (maximum of 2 coaches). No children other than those playing the present game are allowed in the boxes.
    • Photography: No videotaping or photography is allowed from inside the player’s boxes.
    • Glass Containers Prohibited: No glass containers in the boxes.
    • Leave the Bench Neat for Next Team: Exit the field after your game and PLEASE pick up belongings and garbage to leave the box clean for the next game.
    • No Alcohol or Prohibited Food Products: No smoking is allowed and no chewing tobacco, gum or alcohol may be brought into the premises.
    • Macho Coed Rules: In all B, C, and D coed leagues men can only score 2 goals. Females must take all free kicks.

    No players or coaches may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.