Strikers League

co-ed league for kids

We take care of the details, you come for the fun

Welcome to the new and improved Strikers program. This 8 week program is perfect for beginning players or intermediate players who do not yet have a team to play on.


Overview: This 8 week program combines practices with actual game play. The first two weeks will be 50 minutes of drills and games designed to provide a base of knowledge for players to build on. The following 6 weeks will combine 15 minutes of skills activity with actual game play. Games are between teams in the same age group. Games will be two 15 minute halves. Coaches will be working on a different skill each week and may stop game play to reinforce these skills.

Team assignments will be made after the second practice day. Players will receive team T-shirts to wear. Times will be between noon and 3pm.

This option is great for parents with kids who aren’t currently playing on an organized team!


4/5 years old

6/7 years old

8/9 years old

10/11 years old (min 20 players required – call to be placed on the waitlist)

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Week 1:

Foot skills



Week 2:


Basic Rules/Field Positions


Week 3:

Focus: Passing and Receiving

Warm Up/Drills proper foot position, trapping, leading player

Game (with coaching points re: pass/receive forms and space)

Review of Skill/ Close


Week 4:

Focus: Ball Control/passing

Warm up/drills long and short passes

Game (with coaching points on looking for a pass, sending, and receiving)

Review of Skill/Close


Week 5:

Focus: Shooting basics (beginning crosses 7-12)

Warm up/Drills BOB, field position, getting open

Game (coaching points – getting in good position)

Review of Skill/Close


Week 6:

Focus: Defense and Possesion

Warm up/Drills shielding, 50/50 balls, first to

Game (coaching point good D, no pushing, commit and don’t give up)

Review of Skill/Close


Week 7:

Focus: Positioning on Field

Warm up/Drills position of offenders, defenders, lanes, holding position

Game (coaching points space, what is the job, and where should I be)

Review of Skill/Close


Week 8:

Focus: Teamwork

Warm Up/Drills getting open, looking for teammates, cross or shoot?

Game (coaching point, avoid bunching, look for the open player, be open)

Review of Skill/Close